Svetlana Alexeieff-Rockwell was born between the two World Wars in Paris, where her parents Alexandre and Alexandra Alexeieff were well known illustrators and film animators.

Svetlana came to New-York during the war. She studied at Art Student’s League and during that period met Fernand Léger, Marc Chagall, Alexandre Calder, Bill and Elaine de Kooning and the surrealist poet Philippe Soupault who greatly influenced her. After the war she returned to Paris, where she met Georges Braque who became her mentor.

Svetlana worked for several years as an illustrator for the Peabody Museum at Harvard and for the Ford Foundation. In the sixties she became the assistant head of the New England School of Art and Design where she taught graphic design, cubism and esthetics. She worked at the Nielsen Gallery the Harcus Krakow Gallery and Joan Sonnabend until she opened the Rockwell Gallery in Cambridge.

She became a top art consultant in the city of Boston during this period and helped collect contemporary art for IBM, Teradyne and the National Fire Protection Agency. Her gallery specialized in quilts made by contemporary painters. She had several shows of her own work in the Boston area and in France during this time. Svetlana lives on the New England coast. This move has greatly affected her paintings.

The central theme in my painting is the search for stillness, the profound calm that is the result of contemplation. The intent is to create an ambiance where a spiritual dimension can be felt.”

Svetlana has written a book of memoirs, “Snapshots” which is to be published in France and in Russia.